Game Trailer

Raise a tribe of cats!

Create your personal tribe of cats to take on this scratching adventure. Outfits, accessories and more are there for your sly felines to look even cooler when they’re on the prowl! Witness your kitties evolve into super cats as you train and cross-breed them along the way!

Expand your feline empire!

Train your cats to be cunning agents and raid enemy cat yards. Fish, keys and more are there to help you conquer enemy territories. Use your cat-like instincts to beat your rivals and be crowned king of whiskertown!

Take down the evil furry bosses!

Show who’s really boss around the neighborhood and use your awesome moves to defeat the evil bosses.



Complete missions and collect achievements

Worldwide Players

Compete against cat tribes across the globe

Personalize your Cats

Dress up & accessorize your cats to your liking

Sneaky Strategies

Outsmart other cat tribes when looting their fish


Create super cats to beat the rest

Boss Fights

Show the boss you’re not messing around